Creating beauty with vision & skill.


ARI DRIVE is the production studio of filmmaker, Taja Sparks.

 Photo by Jemma Castiglione

Photo by Jemma Castiglione


Taja Sparks is a Savannah College of Art & Design Film and Television graduate student focusing in producing, dramatic writing and cinematography. She holds a BA in Advertising for Art Direction from Temple University in Philadelphia, PA.

During her undergraduate studies, Taja started a career as a professional makeup artist for global companies such as CHANEL, Yves Saint Laurent, and MAC Cosmetics where she practiced educational & sales techniques with clients before pursuing a freelance career as an independent artist.

In order to pursue her passion for the arts she began focusing on building a freelance business that incorporates branded content for local artists and businesses by offering creative, practical solutions to big ideas.

With a passion for the arts & supporting creatives with vision, she hopes to continue developing content for film, music & advertising.