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MUSE Life: Face Paint - The Story of Makeup

Yesterday we received our #FACEPAINT book, by world renowned makeup artist, Lisa Eldridge. One of the few celebrity makeup artists that are completely devoted to the craft, history & experimentation in beauty. She makes thoughtful tutorials, that are both informational & FUN - thats a hard mix to come by. When we found out she finally was releasing the book we have heard her teasing us with, we JUMPED ON IT IMMEDIATELY.

Ground rules: If you are looking for a how to book - this is not it. If you are looking for celebrities & contouring, this is not your book. If you are looking for the history behind makeup, the theories behind how makeup was used socially & how women have used makeup over centuries - this is your book. This is a book about beauty, how its developed over the years & all the why's instead of all the how's we are so accustomed to in the industry. Isn't it more interesting when you know WHY?

The imagery is beautiful, the language is conversational & anything but boring. We can't wait to  finish reading this gem! If you picked this book up, perhaps we can chat using hashtag #ARIDRIVEBookClub

What's on your MUST READ, MUSE READ list? xo, T.