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Have you seen the new Drake video? The parodies that culminated after Drake released his new video last week were HILARIOUS making fun of the dancing all over the Internet. My personal favorite being the change of music to older salsa songs. Pure classic!

We're LOVING this song, but specifically in the second verse: 

Why you always touching road
Used to always stay at home, be a good girl
You was in a zone, yeah
You should just be yourself
Right now, you’re someone else
— Drake
Screenshot 2015-11-01 23.42.07.png

There is something to be said about people that call you to simply check in. I know phone calls can be a bit of a thing of the past since we're always connected via social & texting, but it really is the most efficient way to communicate. Personally, I prefer to text, send an email or keep the phone conversation as brief as possible since my interest usually peaks at about 20 minutes tops. I am totally guilty of the Internet side effects! 

Have you ever called someone & their entire life has turned around or upside down? Yeah, maybe if we checked in more often we wouldn't be as lost about the all the drastic changes in their life. Or how about waiting for a text response that can take forever to come in. Trust me, I'm working on this too... Its not easy. 

When we pick up the phone to have a conversation,
 we never have to have that awkward conversation about the how things USED to be as opposed to the way things ARE right now. Additionally, when we check-in regularly, there is less worry about being the dreaded phone call that goes unanswered. Let's not be the friend that only calls when we need something or only calls to complain about the drama of life. 

This week's challenge is to call someone you care for to bring a smile to their face! It can be on your lunch break if you know this is your friend/ family member that talks A LOT. Make it a two-three minute conversation to say hello & see how it changes your day. I DARE YOU! 

Love & Light,
Taja Sparks

P.S. Texts do work too. I love a quick, "Hey, I love you" text. Simplicity is so sweet.