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MUSE LIFE: Its Never Too Late

Lisa "Peach" DiFilippo is a 42 year old designer turned makeup artist from Philadelphia, PA. When Lisa hired me to take her portraits, I felt really compelled to let you in on her story: 

We used to work side by side in the Nordstrom beauty department & she has always been one of my most supportive colleagues. Not from the standpoint of someone helping me sell, but as a creative & moral support to get through a tiring sales day with either too many customers or too little. Lisa is a fantastic friend, loyal, endearing & fashionably savvy.

Before Lisa became a esthetician/makeup artist, she worked for QVC & designers in New York City. Not only can she do some really fantastic beauty makeup, but she knows a thing or two about fashion! What I love about Lisa is that she is constantly evolving & as tough as she is on herself -- she pushes her friends by being an attentive listener & a loyal friend.

You have to want to be a muse deep down inside... It is inside of you wanting to come out!
— Lisa "Peach" DiFilippo


So why is it never too late? Well, how often do we feel stuck & do nothing about it? Lisa is the prime example that even in your 40s you can inspire others. You can BELIEVE that even though you may have bloomed a little later than your peers, you can still actively pursue the things you want to change in your life. Whether its dropping a few pounds, changing your career or join a tap dance team to stay active. Its all a matter of how much you want it & if you're dedicated enough to pursue your dreams. 

Weekly Edit 001: "Its Never Too Late" by Taja Sparks

Q&A With Lisa

Where are you from? Philadelphia

When do you feel the most powerful & confident? Doing anything creative, dance, makeup, design.

Who/What is your biggest inspiration? My immediate family and my friends are my biggest inspiration.  My father who was always there for me but made me work to be who I am today, my sister who had raised 3 beautiful children while being fabulous doing it, and my mother who was such a positive light in my life.  She was like sunshine, and now I find that sunshine in my friends.  They light my way when I need it. 

What's your greatest accomplishment thus far? Starting a second career.  It was not easy, but I've met so many inspiring, creative, goal oriented people.  

Tell us something most people don't know about you. I have a mean streak... Maybe they do already know?!  I am a tap dancer and I LOVE IT!

How do you think your friends would describe you & how would you like to be remembered? A good listener. 

What do you do to get yourself ready to take on the day? Thank the Lord for giving me another day. 

Best piece of advice anyone has ever given you?  Do what you FEEL is right.  Not what everyone else tells you. 

What do you believe your magic is? My friendship

Best attributes? Sense of humor, smile, friendliness Something you wish you could change about yourself? I need to be more confident 

Why do you believe that you are a muse? You have to want to be a muse deep down inside... It is inside of you wanting to come out!

What's the hardest thing you've ever done & how do you think it has changed you?  Dealt with the death of my mother.  I have grown so much, I deal with things much differently and continue to evolve because of it.

Lasting piece of Advice to women? Have faith, it will all work out. 

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