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MUSE Faith: Nikki Merritt - Out on Faith


Nikki C. Merritt

26 years young, a youth educator & graduate student is from Passaic, New Jersey. She's constantly uplifting our youth in her classes by assisting special needs children.

If you have peeked at our e-zine, you may have seen the musings & quotes provided by Nikki for maintaining faith. The heart of her story is expressed here in her divinely eloquent words. Filled with light & depth at the same time that brought me to tears from the honesty & truth of her words: 


I sincerely believe that my purpose in life is to educate, encourage, and help as many people as God places in my life.  For as long as I can remember all of my jobs and various organizational positions have been about helping and serving others.  It gives me great joy to be able to be a part of improving someone's circumstance or situation. I am ALWAYS inspired by God and the evidence of his creativeness and power! I am also inspired by art, music, and expressions of individuality. 

I usually feel most like myself and right at home when I'm scurrying through the streets of NYC surrounded by thousands of people from all walks of life.  I feel like I can be myself and no one will judge me because everyone is absolutely distinct, and that's always accepted in New York City.  I love it there! 

The most rewarding part of being a woman is the ability to use our femininity as magical powers. We can be all emotional and bawl our eyes out during the cheesiest movies and the next day we'll work alongside our male colleagues and show them exactly how it's done.  Being a woman is amazing!  The most challenging part of being a woman has always been trying to thrive in a society where we're not accepted as equal to our male counterparts.  From the suffrage movement until now, we're still working extremely hard to get the credit we deserve.  We've always had to work twice and triple times as hard to prove ourselves and that shouldn't be! 

My heart aches when I think about the injustices of this world including racism, poverty, inequality, ignorance to life-threatening issues, and people turning a blind eye to things that matter.  These things make me sad but also serve as fuel activating my activism! Therefore, if I could do anything in my life it would be to have an illustrious impact on everyone I've ever come in contact with.  When I meet people, I want them to feed off of my happiness and feel the presence of God through me.  This is the impact and legacy I wish to leave when I am gone. 

MC: What’s the most challenging obstacle that you’ve faced?  What made it the most challenging? What do you think was the most valuable lesson you learned from this obstacle?

Aw man! I feel like I'm facing my most challenging obstacle right now in this very moment. Haha! I'm juggling two jobs and I'm in grad school online.  It's very frustrating at times because it requires an extreme amount of dedication and sacrifices.  But, I've learned that all things are possible through God and that prayer REALLY works. Like no, seriously, it REALLY WORKS! I just started my second year of school and I'm making it! I'm extremely proud of myself for pushing myself beyond my personal limits. Hopefully all good things will come from this! 

MC: What are you most fearful of?

I used to be afraid of failure. But I'm not sure that I still am.  I pretty much know that God's got my back if ever I fall.  So I'll say that I'm most fearful of losing the people that mean so much to me.  I am very attached to people that I love and the thought of losing them often scares me. 

MC: What’s something that you wish you had learned/done? Is there an area that you would still like to explore or learn about? 

Hmmm I wish that I would have learned the depth of my self-worth earlier than I did.  It took a bunch of mistakes, failed situationships, and a personal journey to realize who I was as a woman that deserved the world!  I'm now comfortable with who I am as a woman and a person and I have leaned to unapologetically be me no matter what!  

MC: What is your greatest accomplishment? What makes it the greatest? 

My greatest accomplishment so far has been graduating from college.  It was the happiest moment of my life because I felt like it catapulted me into adulthood and was a stepping stone to my dreams.  I'm looking forward to graduating again with my Masters degree in the near future. 

MC: When do you feel the most like yourself?  What does it feel like to feel most connected to who you are?

It's tough to describe what it feels like to be most connected to who you are.  I guess my personal journey of self-exploration really helped me to be in tune with myself and accept me for me.  What I'll say is when you're connected to yourself, you'll know. You will have learned to sharpen your attributes and accept your flaws. It's a beautiful thing. Yet, I feel most alive when I'm in the middle of a dance floor and grooving to old school music. I don't care if there's 200 or 2 people on the dance floor...if the music is right I will be there!  

MC: How are you able to most authentically express yourself? What form does your self-expression take?

I believe that I am able to most authentically express myself through my clothing.  My personality is very care-free and whimsical and that's what my clothing reflects.  There are other times when I can be kind of conservative--my clothing reflects that as well. Fashion is a great way to non-verbally express who you are as a person! 

*MUSE Faith is dedicated to muses in need of inspiration for faith & spirituality. It is not meant to preach any one form of belief, but to share how our Muses maintain their personal beliefs & the wisdom we all could learn from in the process.