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MUSE LIFE: Do You Know What Love Is?

Photograph by Ruben Hartley of Streetgazing

Photograph by Ruben Hartley of Streetgazing

My grandparents, two black people from different southern states of Virginia &  Georgia. For them, racism had a home in their hearts from the beginning of their lives. After 70+ years of living, the last eight years have shown tremendous progress for their fears by witnessing two terms of a Black president.

The years of racism for simply being black was set aside in relief the day Barack Obama set foot into office. 

For them, politics is justice for human rights. It is the representation of the fight for their right to vote, for their kids to be educated leaders, mothers, brothers & sisters that they want to protect in this election.

For me, this fear I see still living with them every day regardless of how much progress this country has made. Their cognizant awareness of their skin color, the treatment of minorities in general, & watching the state of our community forget the fight that they lived in just to be able to vote. 

The only thing that has disappointed me about this election is how much of our education we have taken for granted. How much we have forgotten that what they have gone through while fighting hatred still lives on this earth. We are distracted by all the truth that we see & yet do so little to stop it. We take for granted that by playing on our emotions, an under qualified dominant "race" statistic was voted into office.

Through evidence. Through documented lies & maltreatment. Through fear. We took for granted that a large majority of people do not care to read the paper. To dig deeper. To make decisions for themselves because all they understand is the feeling of fear. 

This past year has been fueled by anger & fear more than any other. We have been fighting for all the Black Lives that MATTER with all different races standing by our side, fighting for our voice as a united generation, & doing so little to help maintain the education of our community. 

This election is a representation of the miseducation of the United States. This election has identified our weakness as a country: we are not teaching our people how to love anymore. 

The opportunity we failed to realize in this election is that by triggering fear for those that can't read or understand the truth for themselves will in return react based on fear. That is the colorless fight. This sets aside racism for a moment to see the truth. 

This isn't the time to react. This is the time to read. To organize strategically. To teach. To love. 

We ask for change every day, but we are we doing to maintain change? 

If we love as much as we say we do, now is the most important time than ever before to be actionable about fear - together

To help be a change for the community, please help us in our fight for education with nKoso as We will be discussing social change and how we can come together to help raise awareness on love. We have a Sunday Brunch event on November 20. Tickets available here

I want to hear your voice. To know where we stand. And the fight we truly HAVE to do.