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MC GIVEAWAY - 5 Days of Slay WINNER(S)


Thank you so so so much for participating in the 5 Days of Slay challenge hosted by Alyza Montalvo. All of the love & support we received was beyond what we expected & we are SO GRATEFUL for all of you. We are a very small team of muses with a big dream to shed light & spread love for women to be unapologetically beautiful, from the inside-out.

When we created the challenge we went in with a bundle of nervously excited energy to try something new. Having you join the SLAYAGE on INSTAGRAM was TOO. MUCH. FUN! We had cute little babies working the camera, beautiful muses shining bright, your families & your closest MUSEFriends getting involved on the slay. It was KILLER.

Grand Prize Winner 

With that said, our grand prize winner of the MUSE Care Package is Cynthia M. (@cinez485) for committing to ALL 5 DAYS!

Cynthia included the love she has for herself & the love she has for her family! Cynthia, you deserve more than a care package because you are FABULOUS! 


Honorable Mentions

Mely @_lovebipolar_. Housewife & Mother muse. 

Mely @_lovebipolar_. Housewife & Mother muse. 

Ms. Mely (@_lovebipolar_), you were amazing for committing to the guidelines we provided for 4 days straight AND for slaying the game with love for your family. We REALLY loved seeing you get creative & sharing so much about yourself in your posts!

Adrianna @ayy_dri. College freshman & mini muse. 

Adrianna @ayy_dri. College freshman & mini muse. 

Ms. Adrianna (@ayy_dri), you are a beautiful & insightful young woman. Your single post was enlightening & showed you are far beyond your young years. We can't wait to see how you grow & continue to inspire the people around you with your magic. 

 Mely & Adrianna will receive a surprise bit of MUSEMail from the team

To view more of the #SLAYFIE greatness check out the entries on Facebook from the MUSE Tribe. Many more great things on the way! 

** Winners, you will be contacted via Instagram to directly message us your postal address.**