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MUSE LIFE: Metamorphosis Muse

Dedicated to all the caterpillars who have yet to realize that they will one day grow wings…

Addy & Nikki. Photos & Makeup by Taja Sparks.

Addy & Nikki. Photos & Makeup by Taja Sparks.

Once upon a time there was this girl who was amazing! Oh yes, she knew she was amazing and man did she have her life all together honey!  And then one random day her prince charming appeared to sweep her off her feet under an old IG post…they both fell madly in love and then skipped off into a NYC sunset to live happily ever after… NOT! 

This is the story of a caterpillar girl with extraterrestrial long legs and feet, short eyelashes, imperfect boobs, fluctuating weight, terrible memory, a frazzled lifestyle, witty personality, and a heart of 24k rose gold.  Like most, she looked in the mirror and had no clue what kind of rare beauty was staring back at her.  When she looked around, it seemed like everyone had it together and she just couldn’t figure out how to get there.  It just felt so deeply unfair that these were the cards she was forced to deal with!

She tried to mask her imperfections with clothing, cosmetics & believing cotton candy dreams from people who were unworthy.  After selling herself short & making tons of bad decisions it was time to change some things.  She got so tired of deceiving herself that she decided to start loving on herself…the way she wanted others to love her.  She used what she had to form a little cocoon, removed herself from her past, and began working towards a brighter future.  She took herself out to eat, she dove into books that intrigued her, she took time to pamper herself, and she even laughed out loud at her own jokes! Ha! Before she knew it, she was climbing out of her shell and staring back in that mirror again, only to realize that she had these beautiful, delicate, unique wings. She was free! Self-love had set her FREE!  

This little caterpillar, turned butterfly had secretly desired to be loved and give love to someone who was worthy of it.  The only problem is, she had no idea how.  [Lightbulb]  Love the way that you want to be loved…So when that funny, charming, handsome praying mantis came along to give her the love she secretly desired she knew exactly what to do and how to do it.  She gave love, she received love, and allowed herself to fall in love…honestly, willingly, & freely.

This is the true story of how self-love prepped me for the love of my life. A personal journey of self-exploration taught me how to love myself & how to love the man who loves me. When that incredible praying mantis hopped into my life I wasn’t 100% ready to love him or receive all of his love, but loving myself first sure did help.  Adjusting my crown when I was single led me to relationship royalty by default.  When you both have mastered the art of love individually & collectively things get a lot easier along the way! Truth is, you have to love YOURSELF before you expect anyone to love you.

Written By Nikki Merritt 


When you both have mastered the art of love individually & collectively - things get a lot easier along the way. Truth is, you have to love yourself before you expect anyone to love you.
— Nikki Merritt