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5 Days of Slay + GIVEAWAY

To Our Dearest Muse Tribe,

Valentine's Day is always marketed as a day to spend with your significant other or loved ones. Way to go Hollywood & social media gawds! Ladies, let's not forget to dedicate this V-Day to you. Because honestly, who is going to love you more than you?


We know it's hard & sometimes we need a little reminder. But let's be real ladies, we deserve it & don't always acknowledge it. So make sure to save some time in your day for you. 

As women, we have this inept nature to give to others before ourselves. Forget all of that. Kick back, put your feet up, put on a sexy pair of heels to spoil yourself & pour a big ol' glass of wine or two (or three) & enjoy every minute of it. 

Take a bomb selfie of you sipping on that wine in those sexy heels you love & bask in the aura of it all. If you're momma bear (like me) you know it doesn't happen often so let's take advantage when we can! 

In fact, starting TODAY the MC challenges all of our readers, followers & friends to let your inner SLAYONCE shine with a 5 days of slay challenge. To honor the importance of self love, confidence & beauty we challenge you to post a selfie

Momma Bear & Baby Bear #SLAYFIE

Momma Bear & Baby Bear #SLAYFIE

Let's be one fab MUSE Tribe this Valentine's Day! Happy Valentine's Day lovers & friends! 


Alyza M., @alyzadanielle


1. Share a selfie of you slaying the day & feeling beautiful with us on Instagram. You can post each of the 5 days or 1 day - your choice!

2. Share your slay by tagging #SLAYFIE & #MUSECHRONICLES to enter to win our MUSE Care Package

3. Follow us on IG @MuseChroniclesNet to join the tribe + win the MUSE Care Package

We will hand pick one winner on MUSEMonday, February 15 for our 5 Days Of Slay challenge. The slay of all slays will win a Muse Care Package which includes a makeup bag filled with luxury samples of beauty products & a handcrafted Muse Journal.

We believe self love is the foundation for greater love - now SLAY the day!