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Sound Red: The Detox

One Woman. One Stage. One Night.

Starring Shayna Yvonne Winters

SOUND RED: THE DETOX is the powerful story of Dr. Sage Solomon, a world reknowned guru teacher/therapist who decides she wants to take her life in front of her followers. After this attempt doesn't work, she is admitted to a celebrity rehab facility for 30 days. This story examines the life of public success yet private self-destruction.

With the artist, we had the honor of creating her visual story line leading up to the performance. A hauntingly, realistic emotional chill surged through us as we shot, filmed, & edited her story which when you are there to witness her act in person we can guarantee chills will shoot down your spine.

Shayna Winters,   Performance Artist. Makeup: Danaya Rousseau. Photography: Taja Sparks.

Shayna Winters, Performance Artist. Makeup: Danaya Rousseau. Photography: Taja Sparks.

Shayna is a performer, a dancer, a teacher, & artist classically trained in dance for over 27 years. She is armed with a Journalism degree studying Jazz Voice & African American history at the prestigious Howard University.  Shayna is a confident storyteller that entertains, educates & pushes her audience to start their own inward revolution. This is easily conveyed in her first solo acting performance through Dr. Sage Solomon's destructive personality that whether we can admit to ourselves or not can relate to on some platform. Specifically the inner struggle to make others understand what most people have so frequently -- misunderstood. 

Like most artists, such as the legends & muses Shayna's performance references (think Nina Simone's suffering of bipolar disorder), we all have felt doubt in our creation process. Whether you were called crazy or too wild with passion, it's the creative ones that make people uncomfortable & in this miseducation of brilliance lies the title "crazy" or "weird". To the straight & narrow, your creativity doesn't make sense, but in this story, you will find the deeply rooted connection. The art of misunderstanding and the brilliance in the breakdown. 

Shayna's performance will be on May 10, 2016 Painted Bride Art Center in Philadelphia, PA. She will be signing her new book titled, "The Detox" at 530pm. 

Mark your calendars! All tickets can be purchased here. 


Director, Producer, & Writer: Shayna Y. WintersFilm & Art Direction: Taja Sparks, ARI DRIVE. Beauty Director: Danaya Rousseau Costume Design: Ajzha Kahn.

Special thanks to Allen Brown for his creative assistance while filming the trailer!