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MUSE LIFE: Adapting To Change

I recently read this article about how we should "adapt" and be open to all things that happen in June. Do not resist, embrace the change.  Accept.  For the most part embracing change has been hard to adjust to, but hopefully it is something I can work on this month.  I know what you're thinking,

But what kind of change will we need to adapt to?

We'll start by making it seem less scary and deep with baby steps. It could start with a new look, or hanging out with a new group of friends, doing something you've never done before, a new exercise routine or even a new hair color! 

I recently incorporated small changes in my life which turned out to be big accomplishments.  It was something that I'd never thought I could do: run a 5k race! I am still a beginner with all my aches and pains, but it has made a difference in both mind and body. 

Here are some things that inspire me & may do the same for you in order to start this month off with an open mind and adaptability:



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