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MUSE TALES: Kattia Amadeis


In a world where we are blasted with images of commerical happiness, Kattia’s gentle soul reminds us of the joy in the simple service of another human being.  She fully embraces her feminine spirit, celebrating her emotional side. So often as women we’re given the message that to be emotional is unattractive or a sign of weakness.  Kattia understands that human feeling is what makes us most alive.  There is wisdom and power in sensitivity and compassion.  

Her early life was largely filled with adventure traveling through Central America alongside her family.  Early memories of poverty and injustice shaped her formative years, teaching her compassion and the power of service.  She grew up in a pastoral family, hearing the stories of struggles from many who came to her father for advice and guidance.  The images and stories remained with her into adulthood, allowing her to see the universal human experience despite the vast cultural differences.  

Kattia is inspired by difference, embracing all sides and allowing herself to be used as a vessel of service, both in her heart and her work. She recalls traveling in Mexico as a child, “I remember this kid from when we stopped at a gas station to get gas and I was like, ‘I want ice cream’ so my dad bought me an ice cream. This little boy kept staring at me, so I gave him my ice cream.  And then he pulled over two other little boys and he was sharing like a lick at a time with each kid. I was young, but the image is very vivid in my mind. Experiencing first hand poverty at such a young age has left an imprint in my mind.  And like the kids wanting to wipe down your windows for quarters..and kids my age..stayed in my mind.”


Instead of seeing what separated them, she saw and continues to see the common human experience that binds us together.  She sees what makes us the same rather than what divides us.  As she traveled around Central America as a child she made many connections and friendships. While reflecting on them as an adult she recognizes and highlights differences in culture and communication, but understands that the differences weren’t a barrier to friendship.  Too frequently we allow race, culture, socioeconomic status to divide us, instead of inspire.   

Too frequently we allow race, culture, socioeconomic status to divide us, instead of inspire.

Something greater transcends the divisions.  It’s that gift that she shares every day as a school social worker in Harlem.  She is proud that everyday she comes to a place where she is of service, making a statement to her students and to all those she touches that she is not just accepting the world and the injustice as it is.  Every day she chooses to make a difference and be of service to the community.  She is a voice for vulnerable youth, often voiceless.  In a world that frequently feels overrun with negative news and messages, she is a reminder that sometimes we move mountains by taking small steps.


Age: 28 | Born: Costa Rica | Raised: Nicaragua

Career: Social Worker in Harlem, NYC 

Spirit: Service spirit to give back

Goal: Happiness 

Support comes from: "Family." 

Fear: Settling Love: Service

Owning It: Feminine Comfort Within Oneself