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MUSE LIFE: The Power of Writing

In my younger years, I remember the American Girl having the same precedence it has now over little girls of all races, all sizes, as it does now. We would spend hours sifting through the pages of Addy & Felicity from different periods of time through their eyes. It made a huge impact on me as a child, the history, the perspective & the sensitivity to people. 

I became so enthralled by their stories that it became more than important, but a necessity to journal in a composition notebook covered in stickers (like Amelia's Notebook) where I would discuss friends, my home life, dreams -- & it would make or break my day.

As I got older the journals began to differ in size, in angst or admiration & eventually would morph into poetry or song writing about dreams of love or leaving a life behind. When the ink stopped touching the paper, something happened to my life that was out of my control: I began to lose touch with myself. 

My feelings began to surround SOLELY upon the happiness of others instead of the journal writing girl filled to the brim with individuality & ideas to change the world. I became completely out of touch. 

In the midst of traveling out of the country on my own, my journal found me again. It was as if the fear had a home, the dreams started to come back & I was the woman I knew, loved or missed again.

To this day, journaling or "Muse Chronicling" has shaped the vision of being an artist, woman & dreamer. The touch of a black gel ink pen to a smooth piece of paper is when heaven touches my spirit & calms the senses even if it doesn't make sense. I'll pick a peaceful space like Good Karma Cafe in Philadelphia, PA to spend time with thoughts, aspirations, or clarity in difficult situations.

Dreams have been physically built from writing on a daily basis. Words have this significant way of immortalizing a voice & setting a TONE to your vision. 

If there's one tip I give to you, start a journal. Write for at least 20 minutes a day. See where it leads you. 

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