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Self Portrait, Lady is Red Series. 

Self Portrait, Lady is Red Series. 

As of yesterday, one year of the MUSE CHRONICLES site has gone by. What a commitment this has been collaborating with writers, artists, & visionaries. It's not easy being vulnerable or learning to put yourself out there as an artist. There is a famous quote, "Artists are driven by the desire to be seen & the desire to hide." This could not be more truthful for artists & people alike. Finding a balance between being open, sharing yourself while also preserving your authenticity can be a difficult feat on a day to day basis.

Like most artists, we've wondered what we can do to make the site better, more engaging & enlightening. With your feedback, I discovered how important it was to share more of myself, the work that I create & the purpose behind what we do. This was the motivating force behind our decision to merge ARI DRIVE & MC to be in the same space. To showcase our upcoming initiatives & where it all comes from. 

I have learned so much as a full time freelancer this past year while juggling multiple jobs, ARI DRIVE projects, Muse Chronicles & a personal life. This year, I want to start sharing that wealth of knowledge because everything is a learning process. That's why education will always be at the epicenter of our support initiatives with nonprofits & organizations like nKoso & the Legends Academy of the Arts. Learning allows us to be thought leaders, problem solvers, emotionally intelligent & diverse. All qualities that can significantly make or break your career & well-being.

This next year will be filled with more Chronicles of Love & Light. Cheers to another year muses!