Creating beauty with vision & skill.


Vision Board Like An Artist with Alex Wasserman

Alex Wasserman is a painter based out of Philadelphia, PA where she lives with her long -time physical therapist boyfriend, dog Penelope & rescue cat Mr. Burns. Every where you turn there are collections of Alex's pieces, friends artwork & worn in vintage couches. As you can imagine, I was in heaven.

Alex & I were studio mates outside Chinatown in Philadelphia when we first met. She was moving in by herself as I was blasting inappropriate podcasts and I remember being embarrassed that this was her first impression of me. Little did I know we would become such great friends.

I could stare at Alex's surrealist realm of artwork for hours - each time you'll discover new clever nuances to what most would assume are regular things. In most of her work, you'll discover elements of nature intertwined with the elasticity of people, characters & animals personified as people sharing space peacefully together. Her artwork always carries a sense of peaceful (& playful) optimism which I admire tremendously.

Alex often says, "I've gotta get out of the woods, man." But how does one change their perspective from out of the woods & into the next phase of their vision? Well, if you're creative, sometimes it helps to see where you're going. Even without our sacred studio space, we decided to get together and create a vision to keep us focused for the rest of the year. 

Alex & I planned a day to listen to music on vinyl, eat vegan donuts & cut up some magazines to support the next phase for our "2017 Vision".

Alex Wasserman's Studio. Photography Taja Sparks.

Alex Wasserman's Studio. Photography Taja Sparks.


1. Gather Your Materials

Grab magazine, newspapers, poster board (use any large medium like a bulletin board, foam core or even a notebook if you want to travel with your vision board), scissors, glue & for heaven's sake, if you're of drinking age WINE will get the creative juices flowing.


Alex & I both work differently, naturally.

Alex has a more organic approach of talking things out, going with the motions of the images she sees - cutting out things that she found interesting or embodied how she wanted to see herself in the future of 2017. For example, being physically active, getting involved in the arts community (see the colorful bunch in her vision board?) & emotional things like cultural understanding.

I needed to make a list of the things we talked about & I folded my board into four categories: Spiritual, Business, Personal Projects & a wildcard that turned out to be inspired by political activism. As Nina Simone would say, "How could you be an artist & not reflect the times?"

This allowed us both to make a vision board that suits our abilities while also being inspired by what we are making.

3. Start cutting, ripping & sticking together your vision.

What I loved about the way that Alex put together her vision board is how she used different elements (like water & flowers) to evoke the mood she wanted to be in. Creating one harmonious depiction of how she wanted to feel & the things she would have to incorporate like meeting a crowd of (little) people that would make her feel genuinely happy.

Additionally, you dont have to just rip the pages out & glue it to the paper - GET FUNKY! Alex created jagged edges, symmetry to evoke balance & overlapping images to create exactly what she wanted. 


4. Keep It simple & put your vision board where you can see IT!

Most creatives are successful in executing their vision because they can see it. Whether its with a mood board or simply in their head that will excite the artist until their vision is made tangible.

Visual reminders keep you focused on what you want to accomplish even in days when your clouded with stress or distractions. This is a creative way to maintain an optimistic outlook, engage in clearly defining what you want & having fun with it.

I can promise you one thing, having clarity in your vision is one of the best ways to stay focused on what you want. Seeing your vision daily serves as a gentle reminder to keep pushing forward.

No matter what your goal is or what you are striving to accomplish: have patience & stay close to your vision.