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MUSE LIFE: Women's March NYC

All photos by Anna Owusu

All photos by Anna Owusu

I can only imagine what our children, grandchildren and future generations will be saying about this time in our history.  How will it be written about?  How will it be taught in history classes?   What will they say about the Women's March on Washington, all the sister marches and solidarity events held not just around the country, but around the world?  The world.  The largest inauguration-related demonstrations in our history.  That’s POWERful.  

“That’s what democracy looks like.”  

I marched in New York City.  My mom, my aunt, and my cousin marched in Montpelier, VT.  My cousin marched in Montana.  My co-workers marched in Washington.  My friends marched in Washington.  My friends marched in New York.  And I know that many more held protests in their hearts.  Women and men on every continent rose up in solidarity on January 21, 2017.  I started my march right in front of Trump Tower.  And by marching I mean baby stepping toward the march route (an hour to journey the block to 2nd Avenue) because THERE WERE SO MANY PEOPLE.  When I finally made it to 2nd Avenue, I meandered back and forth between marching and walking along side the marchers on the sidewalk, taking it all in.    

There were MANY signs taking shots at Donald Trump and pretty much any sign that referenced his tiny hands made me giggle, but in my heart I didn’t want to make this march about Donald Trump, the man, but about love for all and resistance to any intolerance of others.  Donald Trump is our president because enough of our fellow Americans have faith that he will create a greater America (whatever that might mean).  I believe that we are already great and I disagree with many of his proposed reforms and changes.  I hope that Donald works to create some changes that are good for America and I plan to fully resist, protest, demonstrate and stand up for any that violate the rights of any person and this planet.  I thank Donald Trump for allowing us the opportunity to further heal the misogyny, homophoboia, racism, and sexims that exists within the hearts of Americans.  


Policies and laws that discriminate against a group of people are merely the manifestation of an internal condition.  We cannot fully be rid of discriminatory policies and practices until we heal our hearts.  Abolishing slavery didn’t destroy racism (clearly), granting women the right to vote didn’t end sexism (obviously).  I marched to heal my heart and promote the healing of many others.  We can not change others without first doing our own healing.  

January 21, 2017 was the Divine Feminine rising up. I believe that the future is feminine. Masculine energy has been on steroids and ruling our planet for a long, long time. We have swung way too far in the direction of patriarchy. The feminine is being called to rise NOW. Balance needs to be restored.
— Anna Owusu

These marches and demonstrations are bigger than anyone person.  They are bigger than Donald Trump.  That is why they happened all over the world.  Something is shifting on the planet and a new way of being and existing on earth is being ushered in.  Particularly as women we are the conduit for which this change will come.  January 21, 2017 was the Divine Feminine rising up.  I believe that the future is feminine.  Masculine energy has been on steroids and ruling our planet for a long, long time.  We have swung way too far in the direction of patriarchy.  The feminine is being called to rise NOW.  Balance needs to be restored.  This doesn’t mean that the answer is only female.  It means that the feminine spirit and energy will awaken in all people.  We need and possess both masculine and feminine energies.  The feminine energy has been repressed and kept hidden for too long.  Now is the time for the feminine in both male and female form.  

While there is great sadness in Barack Obama’s departure from the White House because of all he stood for and all he brought to this country.  We will forever be in his light.  He was ahead of his time and he courageously stood up for what he believed was the right and fair treatment of all people. He is a great example of the feminine rising.  


As in any other part of life, when expansion happens (when change occurs, when there is movement in the right direction), contraction follows.  This is true of our own lives and it is true of the bigger systems that “govern” them.  Our country and our world expanded with the Obama’s.  Our country is contracting now, but what is important to note is that we will not tolerate a full reversal.  That was apparent in the demonstration of solidarity on January 21, 2017.  We should remember all the countries that stood up, not just for human rights, but stood up for America and for Americans.  I hope that we will remember them in their struggle.  What happens anywhere in this world, happens to all of us.  It is time to stop looking the other way.

Now is the time to be active, to be vigilant and to loving refuse any kind of injustice.  For so long women, in particular have struggled to find a voice. We are frequently spoken over, dismissed, only to have a man articulate the same idea and have it be endorsed and accepted.  The Women’s March gave a voice to women and others that feel that their voice doesn’t count or isn’t worth as much.  There is great power in this voice.  This country belongs to the people and we will decide what will be allowed here.

I marched because I believe in our country. I marched for the rising of the Divine Feminine in all of us.
— Anna Owusu

I marched to make my son proud, that one day he might say, “my mom marched that day”.

The healing of our country requires our own healing, so let us use this opportunity to heal any racism, sexism, homophobia, misogyny or other discord that may reside in the far corners of our heart.  To gently acknowledge their existence in us and wrap them in love. They are only scared parts of us that require compassion in order to release them.  They are no longer necessary.

Take back your country.  Participate actively in your democracy.  Power to the people!

Get involved in the First 100 Days and demand change.

Find out what you can do everyday--Michael Moore says it better than me. 

Follow people on social media that keep you connected to the movement in a way that speaks to you.

This is only the beginning.