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Self Portrait, August 2017.  Monterey Square in Savannah, GA 

Self Portrait, August 2017. Monterey Square in Savannah, GA 

Why is ARI DRIVE important to me? Because I was always the "weird one" in school. I always had my own style, read all kinds of books & listened to a lot of music. I am fascinated with creating (and traveling) in a world where everyone is genuinely kind & accepted.

When I moved to Savannah, Georgia in March on the first day of Spring, I never realized how much growth I would encounter. From homesickness to growing pains to industry language barriers -- all around challenging myself to LEVEL UP in my craft as an artist. I moved here to attend graduate school at one of the top 25 film schools in America with no film experience.  

I kept asking myself, "What is my craft?"  That's always my burning question in some form or variation. "Where do I belong?"

Monterey Square in Savannah, Georgia. August 2017.

Monterey Square in Savannah, Georgia. August 2017.

The beautiful thing about film is that there is a place for everyone that contributes to a single vision. Every aspect of art makes its way into film & I feel a million times more confident now that I have found a creative HOME to rest into. I feel included no matter how far behind I may be and for once I'm excited to catch up. 

My HS track coach said he made me a varsity captain, not because I was fast, but that I "had a lot of heart." I do my best to make sure everyone feels included, that we find a way to learn from each other & have fun doing it (even though sometimes I get frustrated). All that backstory to say, I love where this journey is taking me. I am a CREATOR & this is me in my TOTALITY.


You're probably wondering when I'll get back to posting & sending newsletters? Well, I'm human - I don't have all the answers. But I do have quite a few exciting projects that will be sure to blow your mind. I've never been more proud of the work I've had the honor of helping to create & am looking forward to more creative collaborations that ARI DRIVE can share with you. 

Love & Light,



P.S. You should check out my closest friend here in Savannah & partner in crime's Iago Souza's YouTube channelA lot of Iago's videos are in Portuguese since he's from Brazil, but we have a special project we'll be screening in class this week!